If you are interested in selling your property you have come to the right place as Filtons specialise in ensuring that your property receives the maximum exposure that it deserves to provide a quick and stress-free sale. Interested buyers will be kept up to date with information about the property to ensure they are confident in the property itself.

We cover many areas in London and thrive on offering our instructions a high standard of service using our experience and knowledge of the different areas and offer a bespoke service to all instructions no matter what the requirements are.

We will ensure that we keep you up to date throughout the whole process of the sale so that you are happy with each stage resulting in the sale you are looking for. We will not waste your time with inappropriate offers and will ensure that all requirements are met before providing you with further information.

Our aim is to progress the sale as smoothly and quickly as possible once you receive an offer and would like to continue.

If you would like further information and a step by step on selling your property please visit our selling guide which can help you with the process.